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I’m Erin, a recent transplant to Toronto from Los Angeles, actor, photographer, wife and mother of two humans, two dogs and a few fish (depending on the day).As an actor, I’ve worked on both sides of the camera for the greater part of two decades, fine tuning my process of collaboration through the lens of each triumph, misstep and breakthrough of my own. I approach every opportunity to shoot with open hearted energy and enthusiasm to fuel confidence and ease so your spirit, humor and distinct character shine through. I love guiding actors to the various shades of their individuality.My experience working with agents, managers and casting through years of multiple evolutions of the “headshot” has given me valuable insight into what constitutes a meaningful image that sparks interest and I tailor that knowledge and aesthetic specifically to you.And, kiddos! I just adore finding joyful, silly or thoughtful moments of connection with children. Either gently leading them into a comfortable space or stepping out of their energetic way to capture their essence and tap into that unfiltered magic is the goal.I have photographed seasoned veterans, brand new actors and children of all ages and approach everyone with the same respect, warmth and curiosity. My portraits have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Deadline, Variety, various casting websites and on the living room walls of many proud parents and grandparents

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